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Our Mission is to significantly increase
English Literacy, Public Speaking and Leadership
in under-served communities
by way of entertaining stories that inspire
and motivate youth to establish
a path to accomplish their goals.

About Us

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Who We Are.

1. NuBiAh Spoken Word Stories Book.

2. NuBiAh Stage Play Musical (based on the NuBiAh book).

NuBiAh is an ENRICHMENT stage play musical also available in a book of spoken word stories that prevents bullying behavior on campus and in the community. This school assembly empowers students of all ethnic backgrounds and orientations to nurture the leader within them to practice tolerance and promote a genuine feeling of well-being toward others.

Welcome to an Epic story of Passion & Purpose!

Written in 2009 by author and Executive Director of Urban City Youth, Tommy Jones, NuBiAh is a story very similar to the movie Black Panther; however, NuBiAh features spoken word stories about REAL Black Kings and Queens who were blessed with SUPER-HERO like powers and core values and principles still necessary for today’s success.

These Black Kings and Queens excelled in greatness specific to their strengths, passion, values, principles and traits. They followed a strict moral compass and their lives serve as a testament to their daily regiment in implementing success driven values and principles.

Purchase the book NuBiAh at and cut a clear path to success!

 Purchase for 10 youth and make a positive impact in the community.

 Purchase for 100 youth and make a difference in many-many more. (you choose the school or neighborhood you would like to donate to and we will deliver).

Your donations will significantly increase English Literacy, Public Speaking and Leadership for hundreds of youths in under-served communities!

What LEGACY will you leave to be REMEMBERED BY?