Our focus is core value principles that made HUMBLE kings and queens successful in ruling their own empires. Today these same principles continue to guide many to success.

NuBiAh Benefits!!

  • Empower students to matriculate and graduate college.
  • Empower high school and middle school students to graduate High school.
  • Eliminate negative self-views, misogynistic views, self-destructive behavior and rebellious attitude traits!
  • Help Eradicate Bullying and low self-value.
  • Expand the vocabulary of many students who benefit from in class (NuBiAh monologues) poetry/spoken word recital exercises.

Teachers and Educators:

Teachers love the NuBiAh story book for classroom lessons in Public Speaking & communication.

They use the scripts within to focus on specific areas of development such as, vocal delivery, projection, dynamics, enunciation and voice tonality (depending individual student needs).

Students enjoy practice and interaction with classmates. These workshops build public speaking, confidence and self-value.