“Our Mission is to significantly increase English Literacy, Public Speaking and Leadership in under-served communities through entertaining stories that entertain, inspire and motivate students to accomplish their goals.”

NuBiAh Book Benefits!!

    • Practice of the Spoken Word monologues are 100% proven to strengthen more confidence in English literacy, public speaking and presentations in front of groups.
    • Teachers and educators use these Spoken Word Stories for classroom instruction in Public Speaking & communication. They simply have students recite stories one by one in front of the classroom then coach each according to their individual need.
    • Increase self-value and self-worth.
    • Eliminate negative self-views, misogynistic views, self-destructive behavior and rebellious attitude traits!
    • Help Eradicate Bullying.
    • Build appreciation and tolerance.
    • Expand the vocabulary of many students who benefit from in class (NuBiAh monologues) poetry/spoken word recital exercises.
    • Empower students to matriculate and graduate college.
    • The theme, “Listen to the Drum” inspires people to follow their hearts to find their passion and true purpose in life while improving daily to accomplish goals.


Teachers use Spoken Word Monologues  to instruct students in effective  vocal dynamics, delivery, vocal projection, sensitivity, sharp and bold articulation and charismatic attributes of speech communication.


– Inspire a love for pride of excellence! Purchase the book NuBiAh where the Great Black Kings and Queens ruled and expanded their EMPIRES Significantly through a regimen of value driven principles and traits!