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In 2014, Chambers Shoes and Julia’s Hair Salon partnered to give Hundreds of free copies to Crenshaw High School students and also gave them free tickets for the West Angeles Theater performance in Los Angeles California. As a result, many students, teachers and educators found that the practice of these spoken word stories improved their confidence in speech communications while internalizing key values, principles and traits necessary for success in today’s competitive global economy. Many graduating seniors appreciate NuBiAh for significantly improving their confidence in classroom presentations, speech, oral and written communications.


As the movie Black Panther continues to make history at the box office, many search for true examples of historically successful Black Empires. Purchase the book NuBiAh at and cut a clear path to success!
Your donation will significantly increase English literacy, vocal dynamics and confidence in public speaking for thousands of youth!

Book Review Summary

Read these spoken word stories a few times out loud and you will strengthen your vocal delivery, projection and dynamics overall!

This is such an awesome book for parents and educators to interact with youth and young adults. These empowering stories motivate and inspire people to find their passion and become great leaders. All Kings and Queens within were REAL and had specific areas where they became strong. Each gained SUPER-HERO like powers to advance their empires.


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