Our Mission is to significantly increase English Literacy, Public Speaking and Leadership in under-served communities through entertaining stories that entertain, inspire and motivate students to accomplish their goals.

Many increase literacy and speech communications through:

1. NuBiAh Spoken Word Stories book
2. NuBiAh Stage play musical (based on NuBiAh book)

Purchase the book NuBiAh at and cut a clear path to success!

Spoken Word Stories

These inspirational stories motivate readers to remain on course to accomplish goals. Excellent for Public Speaking Skills Training & Development including vocal delivery, projection and tonality. Also good for reading, writing and fundamental English literature communications. Adults love to read and recite the spoken word monologues internalizing true Passion & Purpose.

This story book also features Animal Coloring book Illustrations and inspirational quotes from African American Pioneers.


NuBiAh Stage Play DVD based on the book

Two college bound (high school) students Sunny and Sydney are eager find their true passion & Purpose in leaving South Central Los Angeles to enroll in college… Inner city influences get in their way. As a graduation requirement both must write a final paper on the “NuBiAh Wax Museum Exhibit” where they meet a charismatic Griot (storyteller) whose mission is to keep them on track to realize their college admission and matriculation goals.

NuBiAh Stage Play DVD

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