The Griot

The griot

The Griot

Village Historian and Story teller

3000 B.C. – Present Day

Hello friends… I am your Griot. Since the earliest times, Griots have served an important and respected role in African cultures. We are the official historians and storytellers who preserve our history by passing down family heritage information, life stories and events from one generation to the next.

As your Griot, I am your narrator and guide, I am like the time traveler, who will take you back in time… Hundreds and thousands of years to the great lands of Nubiah. Together we will visit some of the greatest kingdoms of all time. The kings and the queens who ruled these vast empires were superheroes of their days, because they became enormously strong in specific values and principles. Join me on this adventure to the land of Africa King and Queens!

The Griots voice is narrated by Roge Lewis.





What is Passion

Values and Principles

Queen Nefertiti

You Are King and Queens