Listen to a spoken word story of Queen Nefertiti by UCY student Ebony Brown - Also appearing on 2021 in the book NuBiAh

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NuBiAh is a children's book featuring keys to success embodied by African Kings & Queens who transformed their tribes into historic empires—to help young readers become leaders and achieve their dreams. Teach/Learn the history and legendary accomplishments of iconic figures… As students articulate rhythmic & lyrical monologues they project them-selves in the roles of legendary Kings & Queens that looked like them. Empower through values! Lessons that help them visualize their own pathway to success. The Griot is a storyteller who takes you on a journey to 7 Empires while exploring the 7 Seed Values: Confidence/Courage, Determination, Excellence, Focus, Goals, Articulation and Belief.

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Many African American students grades k-12 have limited curriculum regarding positive ancestry. “In mainstream K-12 curriculum across the United States,… the history of an entire group of people begins with learning about extreme violent conditions, unimaginable oppression and the stripping of millions of people from their homeland. Is it possible that teaching our students from this narrow point of view may have drastically harmed the psyche of multiple generations of African American children and families?... have we also prevented generations of non-African American students and families from developing a healthy concept of blackness.”

Glen Leroy Mourning, Teaching Black History Beyond Slavery and Black History Month, February 22, 2019.


Fun Speech Workshops
Increase confidence in public speaking and Self-Worth.

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Queen Zozibini Tunzi of South Africa,
our Ms. Universe 2020.


Empower Self-Worth