NuBiAh is a highly interactive “at home” family event where every family member can participate in standing in the shoes of legendary kings and queens who looked like them. It’s an entertaining “role-play” for adults and children, revealing success values & principles practiced within legendary Black empires. “Critical Race Theory” suggest that inner city youth should be taught more history about people who actually looked like them before African Diaspora.

CONFIDENCE, DETERMINATION, EXCELLENCE, FOCUS, GOALS, ARTICULATION AND BELIEVE; are all core values that can be related to the keys on a piano. — NuBiAh allows readers to project them-selves in the roles of legendary Kings and Queens who looked like them.

The Griot (storyteller/tour guide/narrator/musician) will guide you on an inspirational journey through rhythmic stories of humble tribes that became legendary empires.

This reading is regarded by many scholars, educators and parents to be empowering, inspirational, highly motivating and most of all… lots of interactive fun for the entire family.

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See how pre-teens, teens and young adults enjoy projecting excellence while standing in the shoes legendary rulers who looked like them.