NuBiAN Tribes 7- Keys - $15.00

NuBiAN Tribes 7- Keys is a children's book with lyrical rhythmic monologue stories. The story is told by a charismatic Griot (story teller/narrator) who takes you on magical journey of Excellence. A journey about legendary Kings and Queens who expanded a noble Tribe into an Legendary Empire. The Griot visits Dynasties of Royal Legends who practiced 7 keys to success to transform a noble tribe into a historic and legendary empire—young readers project them-selves in the roles of legendary Kings and Queens who looked like them.


Teachers Guide

The Teachers Guide outlines the effective ways to teach the book most effectively within local mandated School District English Language Standards. Please send us a message to to request a free download.


Chaotic Entropy - $5.00

While consequences can destroy happiness, students must learn how to navigate uncertainty. They must practice wholesome decisions that generate good results for the greater good of themselves, family, peers and community. Chaos can arise at any time in any team and in any form. Even in the midst of high productivity it can suddenly interrupt Team Synergy as it is on a mission of destruction to disrupt achievement of all kinds, creeds, ethnicity and lifestyles. This book suggest ways students can navigate sudden disorder for a better desired outcome. For after every action… there is always a reaction resulting in a positive or negative consequence.