The Griot

Village Historian and Storyteller
3,000 B.C. — Present Day

Hello friends… I am your Griot. Since the earliest of times, Griots have served an important and respected role in African cultures. We are the official historians and storytellers who preserve our history by passing down family heritage information, life stories and events from one generation to the next.

As your Griot, I am your narrator and guide. I am like a time traveler, who will take you back in time.. hundreds and thousands of years to the great lands of NuBiah. Together, we will visit some of the greatest kingdoms of all time. The kings and queens who ruled these vast empires were the superheroes of their days, because they became enormously strong in specific values and principles. Join me on this adventure to the Land of African Kings and Queens!

The Griot voice is narrated by Roge Lewis.

King Hannibal

Master Strategist
247 — 183 B.C.

King Hannibal Barca was one of the most brilliant military strategists ever to have lived. He conquered major portions of Europe, particularly Italy and Spain. His clever, complex operations defied common logic and are studied even today by military leaders worldwide.

King Hannibal is considered by many historians to be the most powerful military general the world has ever known. Napoleon himself is quoted as rating him first among the seven greatest military generals of all time. Some of King Hannibal’s most notable characteristics were constant strategic planning, courage, patience and persistence.

Queen Yaa Asantewa

Great Queen of Courage, Dignity and Honor
1863 — 1923 A.D.

Courage, honor and dignity are just a few of the fitting words that describe Queen Asantewa of Ghana, West Africa. When a hoard of slave traders attacked her village, capturing her king and several chiefs, and the collective spirit was one of defeat, she rose to the occasion by delivering a powerful motivational speech. Queen Asantewa single-handedly persuaded the village men to wage war against those who would destroy her people, and in doing so, became—and still remains—the West African symbol for women’s power.

The Wicked Witch Doctor (WWD)

Bound by Chains
The beginning of time — Present Day

The WWD (Wicked Witch Doctor) lays traps and pitfalls that trip up innocent people every day. He can rob you of your passion, dreams and hard work. He is an evil villain on a mission to cast potions of destruction, corruption, disease and death upon all who allow it. The Wicked Witch Doctor is grotesque, evil and hideous in every way. He will try to trick you into believing he is good by assuming a pleasing appearance. He will use this disguise to make a wrong move seem appealing to you, so it is important for you to learn to be a good judge of character. Then you will recognize him whenever he appears and can send him away quickly.

You have the power to protect yourself from nasty tricks and to realize your full potential. Think about the consequences of your every action and stay away from bad influences. Protect your passion—guard it jealously and stay on course. This is the path to achieving your goals


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