King Shaka

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King Shaka

King of the Zulus (1787-1828 A.D.)

King Shaka Intro

Griot: King Shaka, overcame adversity and humble beginnings to rise to the top of South Africa. How do you become a great King or Queen? You listen to the drum and find your rhythm, find your passion and while you are doing so also listen to the teachings of your Mother. King Shaka loved his Mother more than anything; he elevated her to the highest level in his court. Love, respect, and listen to the teachings of your mother. Like King Shaka, you can be strong, mighty, fearless and resilient. Find your passion, follow your heart, and work hard. With continual study, research and practice you will achieve victory... You will be awarded your dream. King Shaka had a passion for building, administrating and maintaining a nation of more than 1 million people.

Listen to the drums for the King of the Zulus has come!