Lynnia C. Richard


Lynnia C. Richard

Playing the role of the WW Diva, Lynnia C. Ríchard, age 22, has been acting, singing, and dancing from

a very young age. At the age of two, she began singing and was awarded her first solo at the age of

five. At the age of three, she was given her first recital piece, a poem, which she delivered without

fear or hesitation. Her first dance piece was given to her at age six, and she has kept the passion with

her ever since. She now pursues her dream of being an actor, singer, and dancer, amongst other

things, while giving all the glory to God. Her hope is to touch every person she comes in contact with,

in one way or another – positively. She also hopes that Nubiah will be another opportunity for that

desire to be fulfilled. “Those who seek truth will find their breakthroughs,” is a truth that she knows

and has experienced, and through NuBiah’s truths, she prays that those who view it will find their

breakthroughs. She is a woman of many gifts and talents, and she willingly offers them to the world, by

way of Christ, holding nothing back.