Sunny and Sydney have a master plan to escape Oakland California to matriculate at an HBCU, Morehouse college. They both want to earn their Bachelor of Science degree in Zoology, obtain a Masters in Biology and interdisciplinary studies then move to Africa as founders of an international non-profit organization with a mission to save African Elephants, of all Species. They have just one more rap show to perform in order to raise enough money for their tuition, travel and rent to be paid for one year. During their finally performance, things take a wild turn. While recovering, at Sonny’s bedside is a book of positive affirmations titled NuBiAh. His mom has been reading it to him every night she visits him after work. While recovering, NuBiAh becomes a necessary journey, a visit to a select group of legendary African kings and queens. Saddened by the declining state of his best friend Sydney, his faith in God weaned as he fights himself to refrain from immediate retaliation. An oath of revenge he took years ago, in a rite of passage ceremony conducted by older ones in his neighborhood. The narrator within the story is a “Griot” – widely known as an African storyteller who adopts Sonny and introduces him to key values and principles necessary for him to navigate the viscous and destructive vices of the streets; to stay the course to accomplish his goals.