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Moving, Passionate, Inspiring!

Venue: Lindsey Middle School, Long Beach California:

"Moving, Passionate, Inspiring!" Jah Shams recently shared his time and talents during our African-American History month celebration, at Lindsey Middle School in Long Beach, California. He spent the entire day at our school and performed (his profound role as the Griot) at SIX assemblies!

His monologue of the Griot from the stage play musical "NuBiAh" held our students as a captive audience! His impact was quite obvious as the students listened intently as the Griot shared his wisdom and encouraged the students to resist temptation, work hard and find their own greatness from within as they "Listen to the Drums"! We are so grateful for NuBiAh and Jah's contribution to our celebration and look forward to next year when he returns with NuBiAh to share the wisdom of our great Kings and Queens.

Elyssa Taylor, Teacher
Lindsey Middle School, Long Beach, CA

Impressed with the book

The Multi-cultural committee was impressed with the book (NuBiAh) and would love to use this book to expose and engage our students in the history of our ancestors and culture. We are a Title 1 school and many of our students lack exposure of their history and culture. This book would be perfect for our students…..

Tera Michell
Asa Phillip Randolph Elementary School, Atlanta, GA

Our Weekly Newspaper of Los Angeles reported:

The NuBiAh musical passionately dramatizes the history of African kings and queens, with a focus on the strong principles and character traits that made them legendary… Through the powerful mediums of dance, rhythm, spoken-word “poetry” and music, NuBiAh communicates an uplifting, character-building message.

Weekly Newspaper of Los Angeles

Little Jayce received the NuBiAh message loud and clear!

Venue: Sacramento State University College Ballroom.

Immediately following a spectacular Nubiah performance at CSU Sacramento... NuBiAh cast members fell in love with a six year old boy named Jayce who made it very clear (in the book signing/photo arena) that NuBiAh inspired him to matriculate and graduate Moorehouse college! Many NuBiAh cast members and CSU student staff became teary eyed and overwhelmed with feelings of joy and happiness. Little Jayce received the NuBiAh message loud and clear.

Fan testimonial - CSU Sacramento, Sacramento, California

Awesome performances!!

West Angeles Theater, Los Angeles, California

The NuBiAh Company performed several shows at the West Angeles Theater. Awesome performances!! We look forward to their return!

Marvin Wright-Bey, General Manager/Artistic Director, West Angeles Performing Arts Theater.