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The NuBiAN Tribes workbook allow teachers to conduct public speaking workshops in-class or zoom. Students have fun reading while reciting monologues. Teacher/Instructors coach students on vocal dynamics, projection and delivery.

Students learn Speech communication, English literacy, history and social studies in accordance with school district standards. As they articulate they love to project them-selves in the roles of legendary Kings & Queens that looked like them.

A complimentary teacher guide enhances their experience.


The NuBiAN Tribes Spoken Word Stories/Monologues

Explore Empowering History. Motivating lessons that attack feelings of inferiority and subordination. Read, absorb then internalize wholesome values of our great Kings and Queens.

Empowerment & Understanding

This work book inspires all ethnicities and orientations to nurture their leader within to practice tolerance and genuine well-being toward others. The tongue twisty Spoken Word monologues strengthen public speaking skills. Teachers, Parents, Coaches and Mentors can focus on instruction of vocal dynamics, delivery and projection in public speaking. Whether In-Class or Zoom sessions, students enjoy projecting themselves in the roles of legendary Kings and Queens who looked like them.


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